Say A Little Prayer

Holy crap what a week!! Two dances is never an easy task and two dances with the schedule that Wanyá and I had was extremely challenging. Our week consisted of short rehearsals and LONG flights.. Haha which is not a fun combination but we knew we had to make it work! Wanyá and I were really excited to do a dance in frame again. The last time Wanyá was in frame was switch up week and he got a lot of critiques on his frame, he really wanted to prove to judges he had listened to their feedback and made it better. We loved the story behind our foxtrot this week and felt that it showed a completely new and sweeter side of Wanyá 🙂 Throughout the competition you have seen intensity, swag, and confidence from Wanyá and this week I really want to show the sweet, innocent, and teddy bear side of Wanyá because that’s what I see so often throughout the week. We got mixed reciews with the judges this week. Carrie Ann felt that our dance was a bit safe after our NSYNC performance the week before which I understand to a degree. It was never my intention for our sweet foxtrot to have the same intensity as our hard hitting jazz from the week before because that is not the feeling our foxtrot had, so I understand how she felt that way but I don’t necessarily agree with that meaning we were being safe. We definitely take every critique wholeheartedly and know that they are there to help us improve and thats exactly what we will do! I need to make sure that even if the dance is less intense it still leaves a show stopping vibe that the judges can feel.

Now on to our Team James Brown dance!! I was so excited to heard we would be doing a James Brown Medley this week especially because I know how much knowledge Wanyá has of his music. I also was extremely excited with our team! Each man in our team brings something different to the table which makes us diverse and unique. Team dance is always tough because there is very little time to put everything together. Wanyá missed our team dance rehearsal which was very stressful because it kind of snowball affected our entire week. I had to be at our team dance rehearsal which means I could travel with Wanyá on the day to rehearse with him so we missed a full day of rehearsal on our dance and then the next day we had to spend almost the entire time teaching him what he missed at team rehearsal which took even more time away from working on our individual dance. It is very hard to balance two different dances and making sure you get enough time rehearsing each one. When we got to camera blocking Wanyá knew the choreography but when he got put into formations for the first time, it was a lot for him to take in. Immediately after camera blocking Wanyá had to race to the airport to fly to Vegas for a Boyz II Men show that night so we didn’t get to rehearse anything before Monday. I’m not gonna lie… Our dress rehearsal run of team dance was a hot mess!! LOL.. None of the costume changes worked and we weren’t clean it just kind of fell apart.. But somehow our incredible boys pulled it together and truly worked as a team and our live performance was far better than any time we had ever danced it!! It truly was amazing and I am so proud of our team! And.. We won!!!! Unfortunately Wanyá and I ended up being in jeopardy which was awful. It if never fun being in that position and we don’t ever want to end up there again. We promise to do everything on our end to make sure we earn that spot in the finale! It’s right around the corner and we want it sooo bad. Thank you all for tuning in each week and for supporting us! We love you all!

Xoxo Linds

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  • Reply Ria May 11, 2016 at 3:09 am

    Love you Lindsay. You and Wanya have been a joy to watch the entire season. I love how much you truly care about making sure your partners shine and enjoy the experience. Your passion for dance radiates from you and is contagious. Your partnership is so sweet too – there’s so much affection and mutual respect and it’s just so fun. I love how supportive you are of each other, especially evident when you’ve been awaiting the result when you’ve been put in jeopardy.

    I adored your foxtrot – thought it was utterly delightful and couldn’t stop smiling. It was such a gorgeous and clever dance. I watched it live on the dancefloor view on All Access as I’m not in the US (but still been voting hard for you on Facebook). I thought maybe the judges’ views were obscured because of the props (trees) and they couldn’t see your sections where the house was. I couldn’t see that they were watching it on a screen. Maybe that had some effect on the overall feel of the dance for them.

    Your jive was wonderful – please don’t worry about that mishap with the bandanna. It’s just one of those things. I think Carrie Ann realised that she was unnecessarily harsh on you both in her comments and score. The audience response when those scores came up (silence until Bruno’s 9) I have no doubt mirrors the response from viewers in their homes or online. Stunned and not happy – I think audience boo-ing would have less effect than audience collectively gritting their teeth… hopefully that means people voted hard for you.

    Anyway, thank you for your wonderful blog with your insights. Best of luck for the coming week – looking forward to the individual dance and trio!

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