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Wanya The King Of The Jungle

DISNEY WEEK!!!! I can’t think of anything better than a whole night dedicated to the best Disney movies of all time. Dancing to Circle of Life dressed up as lions with Wanya was truly magical (see what I did there ;)) Samba is an extremely tough dance, it is one of (if not the hardest) dance to teach a celebrity. There is so much technique involved that takes years to master and we have to try and get our celebrity to learn that in 5 days. Wanya worked really hard this week on the technique of this dance, he really wanted to look the part and not just get by. I, again, did not take it easy on him with our choreography! I taught Wanya a professional level samba because I wanted to challenge him, at this point in the game we have to keep improving and not take a step back. Continue Reading

A Tribute to Wanya’s Most Memorable Year

One of my favorite weeks on DWTS is Most Memorable Year. I absolutely love this week because we get to know more about the celebrities and the events and moments that changed and shaped their lives. When Wanyá told me he had chosen 1996, the year Boyz II Men sang the National Anthem at the closing ceremonies of the Atlanta Olympics, I was so extremely humbled and honored. I can’t lie though, I was extremely nervous and felt a lot of pressure to make this dance as memorable as that moment for him. No one has ever danced to the National Anthem on DWTS and with a song that is as important and meaningful as this one is I really had to make sure that my choreography was just as powerful.

The creative process of this dance was unforgettable. Watching Boyz II Men re-record their rendition was truly magical and then watching how the choreography just fell into place with the lyrics made this week one of my favorites yet. When it came time to perform our waltz Wanyá and I were so ready to show everyone watching all the hard work and dedication we had put into this week. The feeling we both felt throughout our live performance was indescribable. We felt each person in the audience there with us supporting us and cheering us on. I am so grateful I got to share this moment with Wanyá and know that it will be a performance I won’t forget. Our scores for week 3: 8,8,8

Chips and SALSA

While choreographing our salsa this week I made sure that every step we did was true to salsa! I really wanted to prove to Len that Wanyá can look like a salsa professional. Wanyá and I had so much fun rehearsing the salsa this week! I did not take it easy on him and really pushed him on improving his stamina. This routine is one of the fastest salsas I have ever danced and Wanyá managed to keep up with the speed. The judges said that they saw a lot of improvement from week 1 and Len said he was happy with the content which was our goal! Our scores for week 2: 8,8,8

My Motown Moment

Dancing to Motown Philly by Boyz II Men with Wanyá Morris was a pretty epic moment for me. 25 years later and they still got it going on 😉 Aside from the nostalgia that came with that performance, Wanyá showed a great deal of potential with this first dance. Teaching Wanyá how to cha-cha was so rewarding for me as a teacher! He is such a great student and truly wants to improve every single day. Wanyá has an undeniable stage presence that fills the room with joy and I definitely think that is going to be one of his biggest assets this season.. It also helps that he has some serious moves!! The judges all praised Wanyá on his performance and Grumpy Len Goodman 😉 gave some critiques on the content asking to see more of the style and to stay true to the dance. Our scores for week 1: 8,7,8