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Us Weekly 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me


  1. I have been pulled over six times and have never gotten a speeding ticket.
  2. I am firm believer in “knocking on wood.”
  3. I am a total water snob … I won’t drink anything but Arrowhead water.
  4. In elementary school, I accidentally pulled down a kid’s shorts playing flag football.
  5. When I get mad enough, I still unconsciously stick my tongue out at people like I am 5. True story — ask my husband.
  6. I twitch uncontrollably every night before I fall asleep.
  7. In ninth grade, I fell asleep in math class and woke up to the sound of my own fart.
  8. I have a very good memory. I still remember dances I learned back when I was 10 years old.
  9. My dad put me on a soccer team when I was a kid, and I played goalie. My final game ended with me missing a block because I had managed to get my arms and feet stuck in the net.
  10. I have the worst case of arachnophobia. If I see a spider in my bedroom, I will not sleep there that night.
  11. When I am nervous, stressed or choreographing a dance, I pick my lips.
  12. I only like to listen to songs I know the lyrics to, so I can sing along.
  13. I have never broken a bone (knock on wood).
  14. I have a weird OCD thing when it comes to listening to music, the volume has to be set either on a even number or eleven because that is my lucky number.
  15. I don’t do mornings.
  16. I have always wanted to be a famous singer.
  17. I met my husband when we were both 14 years old, we went to our high school prom together and have been together ever since.
  18. I jumped the gun on our first kiss and practically head butted my husband because I was so nervous.
  19. I strongly dislike tomatoes and mushrooms.
  20. I graduated high school with honors and had a full ride academic scholarship with plans to become a physical therapist, before I made it on So You Think You Can Dance [in 2012, season 9] and everything changed.
  21. When I was younger, I would cry every day on the way to dance because I didn’t want my mom to leave me, and the only thing she could do to get me to calm me down was to recite the pledge of allegiance.
  22. I can surf behind a ski boat without a rope, and I got up on a slalom ski my first try.
  23. I can eat (a lot) more than the average male on a daily basis.
  24. I absolutely HATE getting ready. The smell of a hot flatiron makes me sick.
  25. I am in love with everything and anything key lime pie-flavored.



Say A Little Prayer

Holy crap what a week!! Two dances is never an easy task and two dances with the schedule that Wanyá and I had was extremely challenging. Our week consisted of short rehearsals and LONG flights.. Haha which is not a fun combination but we knew we had to make it work! Wanyá and I were really excited to do a dance in frame again. The last time Wanyá was in frame was switch up week and he got a lot of critiques on his frame, he really wanted to prove to judges he had listened to their feedback and made it better. We loved the story behind our foxtrot this week and felt that it showed a completely new and sweeter side of Wanyá 🙂 Throughout the competition you have seen intensity, swag, and confidence from Wanyá and this week I really want to show the sweet, innocent, and teddy bear side of Wanyá because that’s what I see so often throughout the week. Continue Reading

Famous Dances Night


I can’t put in to words how incredibly fun last night’s performance was!!! Dancing to one of NSYNC’s biggest hits with Wanyá was a dream. I absolutely loved the whole creation process that went into our routine! We got to do a whole green screen pre tape that brought a whole new level of creativity and dynamic to our dance. Wanyá really upped his game with the intensity when it came to the live performance. I felt his energy throughout the entire routine even though we weren’t necessarily connected physically throughout the dance. When it comes to group routines and dancing with multiple people the most important thing is to be clean and precise, everyone has to be doing the same thing at the same time. Continue Reading

Switch It Up!

Switch up week is always one for the books! There are my so many different things that can happen during switch up week. Some of the new pairings have a hard time meshing and connecting with such little time that their dance falls short of expectations, and some new pairings end up having a connection that brings something new out of either the celeb or pro that is exciting and praise worthy. It’s a tough week with a lot of pressure because you don’t want to be the pairing that falls short. There is a lot of pressure on us pros to learn a new celebs learning style and discover their strengths and weaknesses with such little time that it often can cause stress and tension. It’s a very interesting dynamic because you essentially are competing against your own partners now and helping someone else’s partner succeed. Continue Reading