My Motown Moment

Dancing to Motown Philly by Boyz II Men with Wany√° Morris was a pretty epic moment for me. 25 years later and they still got it going on ūüėČ Aside from the nostalgia that came with that performance, Wany√° showed a great deal of potential with this first dance. Teaching Wany√° how to cha-cha was so rewarding for me as a teacher! He is such a great student and truly wants to improve every single day. Wany√° has an undeniable stage presence that fills the room with joy and I definitely think that is going to be one of his biggest assets this season.. It also helps that he has some serious moves!! The judges all praised Wany√° on his performance and Grumpy Len Goodman ūüėČ gave some critiques on the content asking to see more of the style and to stay true to the dance. Our scores for week 1: 8,7,8