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Don’t forget to treat yourself this holiday season! I rounded up a few luxurious items you may not need but definitely deserve. After all, you made it through 2021!! Shop my me to me gift guide below.

  1. A cozy robe to live in 
  2. A chic coffee table book
  3. The best perfume you’ll ever smell
  4. The best self-tanner and moisturizer 
  5. Mini ugg booties – because why not lean into the trend
  6. A candle too pretty to light
  7. The only hair tool you’ll ever need
  8.  A cute workout set 
  9. Tea kettle for your hot water and lemon you plan to drink in 2022
  10. Diamonds are forever!
  11. The perfect everyday bag
  12. Mini Huggies
  13. Faux Fur Sandals
  14. Over the top pajamas
  15. A beautiful ceramic bowl 
  16. A designer bucket hat 
  17. Another pair of white sneakers, but this time designer 
  18. The leather dress of your dreams


xo, Lindsay
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