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TikTok Made Me Do it

Eyeliner Trend
TikTok and my little sister, Rylee, made me try this eyeliner trend out. Basically, instead of using regular eyeliner, you use an angled thin brush and line your lids with eyeshadow to create the perfect smoked-out eyeliner. It's basically foolproof, and you don't have to worry about getting a precise line! I've never gone back to regular liner since I started trying this.
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Slim Water Bottle
I'm a HUGE water drinker, and I'm obsessed with this chic water bottle. I saw it all over TikTok, and I had to buy it. It's insulated, so it keeps your drink nice and cold, plus it's slender, so it fits in every cup holder. I know you might own tons of water bottles, but you all need this one!
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On The Go Squeeze Pouches
This might be one of my favorite things I purchased this year. It's an at-home squeeze station, so you can put your smoothies, purees, or other baby food in these squeeze packets to take on the go. It's SO easy to use and has been a lifesaver for Sage.
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Jewelry Cleaner
Who else purchased this jewelry cleaner after seeing it all over TikTok?! Jensen and I got it and put our rings in it, and I was so impressed with how well it cleaned my ring! I don't have time to go to the jewelry store to get my ring professionally cleaned, so this is a quick and easy way to clean all of your jewrly. It's also safe and didn't damage the stone! This is a must-have at-home item.
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