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10 Things You Actually Need for a Baby You Won’t Find on a Registry

10 Items You Need Not on Your Registry

Being a first-time mom, I found myself googling everything under the sun when preparing for Sage’s arrival. I knew there would be so much trial and error to figure out what worked for our family, but I wanted to be as ready as possible. There are so many things the world wide web tells you absolutely need for baby- seats that bounce, chairs that rock, ten different noise-making play mats. Don’t get me wrong, all of these things are great, but I’ve rounded up ten things no one really told me about that we use pretty much every single day. They are definitely less glamorous but incredibly useful if you are a momma-to-be!

  1. The Picker: This little tool is the absolute best thing out there. For the pesky nose boogers, dirt under the fingernails, eyes, ears- you name it-this amazing tool is gentle enough to remove them all without your baby making a fuss.
  2. Car Camera: I felt like I could never get the perfect angle with the standard car mirror and absolutely love that this alternative can sit perfectly on our dash. The tiny camera is such great quality and picks up a wide-angle to see exactly what Sage is up to in the backseat. I also love that it doesn’t lose its video quality when driving at night!
  3. Frida Snotsucker: And, back to boogers! This tool is definitely growing in popularity but is a gamechanger. It is so much easier than using a traditional bulb in clearing a baby’s nose.
  4. Wet/Dry Bags: I’m always keeping a few of these in our diaper bag and car in case of a diaper emergency because, let’s be real, we know it’ll happen eventually. Whatever the case may be, these little bags can store diapers, wet/dirty clothes, etc., while you’re on the go and keep any smell locked in. The best part is, you can throw everything in the washing machine and reuse it!
  5.  Humidifier: As the weather changed, I noticed a little more irritability and congestion after nap time or waking up in the morning. As soon as we began more consistently using a humidifier, it was a night and day difference. Definitely, a must-have for the nursery!
  6. Towel Warmer: Okay, this one may not be an absolute need, but it’s certainly made bathtime a whole lot easier, especially when Sage was a newborn. To have a warm towel ready when we transitioned out of the bath made for a much calmer bedtime routine for all. And added bonus? Warm towels for Mom and Dad too!
  7. Drawer Dividers: Definitely stock up on some drawer dividers! Baby clothes are small, and you’ll want to be able to customize your space within a dresser for all of the tiny items and have the ability to rearrange the configuration as they grow.
  8. Travel First Aid Kit: I love having this cute little travel first aid kit in our diaper bag for peace of mind. It has everything you might need in a pinch and may not have thought about it until you’d actually need it.
  9. Baby Shusher: I’ve definitely seen this item on a few registries but wanted to reiterate how amazing it is to have a portable noise machine for walks, car trips, etc. This one is great because, at least for me, the human “shhh” noise definitely soothed Sage more than some of the others.
  10. Carseat Cover: I’d totally forgot to get one of these until I was in the hospital seeing new moms with their baby in the car seat all covered up. So here is my friendly reminder to plan ahead!
  11. BONUS Derma Frida: This sponge, brush, and comb is the best 3-in-1 for bathtime. It’s so gentle yet so effective in preventing cradle cap and dry scalp. A must-have!


Let me know if there are any other must-haves no one told you about before having a baby that I may have missed!

xo, Lindsay
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