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Sage’s Favorite Things

Sage's Favorite Things


It is so crazy how much Sage is changing every day. I absolutely love watching her grow, learn and figure out the world. I share and take so many photos because I want to soak in and remember every single stage as much as I can because it feels like in the blink of an eye, she has already grown up so much. 

At five months old (I cannot believe it!), here is a round-up of some of the things she is loving:

Tommee Tippee Pacifiers

Sage has loved these forever, and they are still her favorite. I know every baby is different, but we need at least a handful of these wherever we go!

Lovevery Playgym

I love this play gym because there are new things to discover at every stage of a baby’s development. There is a great little guide book that comes with it to share new ways to play and interact at every age. They recently introduced this sensory strand add-on that Sage is absolutely obsessed with right now.

Fuzzy Blanket

If you’ve seen any of my stories lately, Sage still loves her fuzzy blanket. It goes everywhere with us and is perfect for cozy snuggles.

Caterpillar Pillow

We are working on sitting, and this little adjustable pillow is just too cute! You can reconfigure it to help your kiddo in tummy time, sitting, and side-lying,  so it’s super versatile and fun to use.

Jellycat Soft Books

It’s so fun to see Sage explore different textures. These books are just the cutest and come in so many different themes. After just heading back from the beach, we are currently reading the sea tails book with the matching (and softest!) Larry the Lobster stuffed animal and learning all about the creatures of the sea.

Little Spoon Purees

I still cannot believe Sage is old enough to be eating purees, and we love love love Little Spoon. They are the perfect alternative for parents that want organic, delicious, wholesome ingredients but may not necessarily have the time to make their own baby food. They are delivered fresh and do an amazing job of introducing so many unique flavor profiles to babies while learning to eat. We just sprinkle her SpoonfulONE packet into the puree, and she has her meals all ready to go. 

Baby Bjorn Carrier

Sage is in the stage where she loves being right in the action, so this carrier lets me get things done and still keeps her feeling like the center of attention. She has so much fun bouncing around the house with me.

Play Piano

Sage has SO much fun playing with this cute little foot piano. It comes with a play gym, or you can buy it on its own, and she loves kicking and laughing while making music. This is also something that will grow with her and even teaches colors and sounds in different languages.


xo, Lindsay
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