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6 Postpartum Products I’ve Been Using Daily

One of the biggest things I tried to prepare for as a new mom was the recovery period after giving birth. It’s something no one really tells you about, as you are so focused on being pregnant, but some friends told me I should prepare for my postpartum journey and to order some necessary items. Since we ended up going the C-Section route, I knew there were some essentials I would have to stock up on, so recovery was as easy as possible. After doing tons of research and learning what products I would need, I knew I had to share the products I have been using to help with my postpartum recovery. From comfy robes to belly wraps, you’ll want to make sure you have these products in your hospital bag or at home waiting for you. Keep scrolling for a few of my must-haves I’ve been using daily since baby Sage arrived!


Instant Ice Pads
The Frida Mom Ice Pads are a great addition to your postpartum recovery routine. These dual-use pads can be put along your incision to help with itchiness and soreness. I slide it under the Frida Mom underwear, and it feels so nice against my incision and protects me from bumping or rubbing against it.
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Comfortable Nursing Bra
You'll be living in nursing bras and sweatpants, so make sure you find a comfortable and practical one! I love how this one has sewn in pads for extra comfort and support.
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Cozy Robe
I lived in this robe all throughout my pregnancy and it's been perfect for my postpartum recovery. It's insanely comfortable and you can easily breastfeed while wearing it. Plus, your baby will love how plush it is.
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High Waisted Underwear
I packed a bunch of these in my hospital bag so I didn't have to use the hospital disposable underwear. They are so comfortable and don't roll down over your incision. They keep everything in, and you can wear it with the Frida Mom Ice Pad. This is a must-have in your postpartum recovery regime.
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Belly Wrap
This has been a lifesaver in my postpartum journey. It helps ease my back pain, and it also works to strengthen your core muscles. I love how it adds an extra layer of protection over my incision, too.
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Belly Oil
I lathered this all over my belly during pregnancy, and I'm continuing to do the same in my postpartum routine. I love Bio-Oil because it has so many incredible and beneficial ingredients, plus it isn't greasy! I rub this over my stomach and incision morning and night and will continue for the next several months.
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