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10 Wardrobe Basics I’m Living In Right Now

Give me all the cozy, soft, and silky clothing you have because that’s all I want to wear right now. Before quarantine, I loved dressing up and putting on cute outfits because I basically live in dance clothing year-round. I was so excited to dress my bump when I was pregnant, but since we were all stuck at home (still are!!), I opted for cozy-chic, and now that’s all that I want to wear postpartum. I feel like no one really prepares you for what happens after you have a baby! I purchased so much maternity clothing, but I didn’t really think about what I would wear postpartum. Now that Sage is here, I’ve been living in matching sweat sets, comfy pajama pants and nursing bras, and my plush brooklinen robe. Yes, some days all I want to wear is a robe. Once you try it, you’ll never go back!

I’m still recovering from my C-section, so I love anything loose, high-waisted, and soft. One of my favorite postpartum clothing brands is Kindred Bravely. They have some of the softest nursing bras, plus they are really cute. On days I need to run a few errands but still look put together, I throw on leggings and a cute cardigan. My other go-to outfit has been a sweater dress. I wore them all throughout my pregnancy, and I’m still wearing them now. You can dress up a sweater dress with little booties or dress it down with a cute pair of sneakers.

Thanks to 2020, loungewear is the new trend, and I hope it’s here to stay because that’s all I see myself wearing for the foreseeable future. These ten items are my wardrobe staples right now! If you recently had a baby, you’ll want to add them to your cart right away. And, if you’re looking for cute and cozy loungewear, you’ll love these items, too!

1. Matching Set

2. Plush Robe

3. Comfy Leggings

4. Chic Nursing Bra

5. Silky Pajamas

6. Jumpsuit

7. Sweater Dress

8. Fluffy Slippers

9. Button-Down Shirt

10. Cozy Cardigan

xo, Lindsay
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