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Winter Wardrobe: 5 Sweater Styles I’m Living in Right Now

I think winter might be my favorite season to dress for because of all the cozy-chic sweaters you can wear! Now that I’m a mom, spending time picking out my outfits doesn’t happen anymore. With the few minutes that I have to put an outfit together, I always prefer comfort, but I still want to look like I put in some effort. From sweater dresses, sweater vests, and sweater sets, all of these winter sweater styles have become my go-to this season. Keeping reading for 5 of my favorite sweater styles!

The Sweater Dress
I live in sweater dresses as soon as it starts to get cold. They are basically a blanket dress, and I'm here for it! I love how you can dress them down with a pair of sneakers, or you can add tights and knee-high boots to dress it up. Layer it with a jacket and some cute accessories, and it's the easiest and comfiest outfit around.
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The Matching Sweater Set
The matching sweater set trend is huge right now! It really brings me back to my childhood, full of matching outfits and monochromatic looks, but I'm here for it. It makes getting dressed so simple because all you have to worry about is your pants! A sweater set is a perfect way to elevate your look.
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The Knit Vest
This style can be a hit or miss for me, but you can look super chic when done right. You can layer a turtleneck, button-up, or wear it as is, and you'll be sure to turn heads. If you're sick of wearing the same ole turtleneck sweater every day, try a vest to switch up your style.
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The Collared Sweater
I never thought I would see the day, but polos are back and in a big way. This trend gives me school girl vibes, but who doesn't want to look like they are straight out of gossip girl?! You can pair this with jeans, a skirt, or even layered under a knit vest!
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The Oversized Sweater
Long live the oversized sweater. I hope this never goes out of style because I love a nice big chunky sweater paired with some black leggings and booties. There are so many different styles of oversized sweaters you can wear. From cutouts to a fun print or added texture, you'll always be super cozy no matter what. This is the ultimate mom uniform for me right now, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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