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How To Battle Winter Blues

The wintertime can be super tough with fewer hours of daylight and cold temperatures (especially where I live in Utah). I’ve been trying to get better over the years about making mindful choices that can help overcome my winter blues. Here are some that are worthy of sharing with you all:

  • Exercise: You all know how important exercise is in my life. Whether it is dancing or doing an a The Movement Club workout, always make a point to move my body throughout the day. I find that this helps my mood and energy levels greatly. 
  • Eat healthy: This one may seem obvious, I know! Eating balanced meals can also help with your energy levels.
  • Get Vitamin D or supplement it: During the winter months it can be hard to get Vitamin D when we are not spending nearly as much time outside. Talk to your doctor and consider supplementing Vitamin D, or even taking a trip to somewhere warm and sunny. 
  • Meditate: Meditation  is really great for grounding yourself during times when your mind may be in another place.
xo, Lindsay
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