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Living Room Decor Update

Living Room Update

As you all know, I’ve worked with Four Chairs Furniture over the last few years to design and furnish my home. We recently did a little Spring refresh in my living room and finally completed the main wall in our great room. It’s been a project on my to-do list for so long, but I just haven’t got around to it. I love interior design, but whenever I need to change some pieces or fully furnish a room, I always call Four Chairs Furniture to help me out. They offer full-service interior design and can help make any idea come to life. We’ve been in our home for a little over 2 years now and have slowly finished all the rooms. The last project we worked on together was Sage’s nursery, and it turned out incredible! We never finished the great room wall by the TV, so I’m so excited it’s finally finished. It really ties the room together, and now the room feels complete.

We decided to add shelves next to the TV because I needed to make the space functional. Sage’s belongings are slowly starting to take over the house, and since we’re always in the living room, we thought it would be great to have big bins to keep all of her stuff in when we’re not using it! I hate seeing clutter around the home, so I love how we can throw her toys in the bins and keep the house organized. I know I didn’t want them to be typical bookshelves when styling the shelves, so we added pots, paintings, and little decor items to make each cubby hole feel unique. I love how clean it looks, but it’s also practical and provides a lot of function!

Spring is such a fun time to refresh your home or work on some projects you’ve meant to complete so you can fully enjoy your home in the summer. We always host so many events, so it was top of my list to complete this room before summer started! We still have the entire basement we need to finish, so let me know if you’re interested in following along on the progress of that – whenever that may be!

If you’re now inspired to freshen up your home, I rounded up a few of my favorite decor items!

xo, Lindsay
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