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3 Workout Must Haves Everyone Needs At Home

2020 was definitely the year of learning to get moving inside and at home instead of the gym or workout classes we’re all so used to! Since this year was also the year I launched my fitness platform, Move With Linds, I knew I had to make a blog post rounding up the essentials you’ll need if you start working out with me regularly. My favorite part of all of these workouts is how versatile they can be location wise! All you really need are a few essentials to get started, and as always, everything can be modified to meet you where you are on your fitness journey.

I’m a big believer in keeping my workouts simple, sweet, and to the point! I don’t love overdoing it with tons of different weights or machines and find that using your bodyweight can be plenty if you’re looking to tone and define your body! With that in mind, keep scrolling for the 3 workout must-haves I think everyone should have at home.

Ankle Weights
You've probably seen these all over Instagram, but I promise you they WORK! I opt for the 1lb rather than anything heavier. You'll notice that using these is all about the movements you're doing and taking them to the next level by adding a small amount of weight to really tone and define your muscles. They come in so many cute and funky colors, and the best part is they velcro to your arms or ankles, or you can hold them in your hands!
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Resistance Bands
Another great tool for adding that small bit of resistance to your movements, so you level up the effort your muscles are putting in. These are great for booty workouts, and I love incorporating them wherever possible because they really do the work when used correctly! I personally like to purchase these in a pack with multiple resistances like low, medium, and high, so I know they'll work for whatever workout mood I'm in!
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Yoga Mat
This is 100% essential for anyone who's trying to work out at home! There's nothing more uncomfortable than trying to get a good workout in and having to settle for a carpeted floor or hardwood. A good yoga mat is a great way to stay comfortable while getting your movement in and great for keeping a good grip when you're in a plank position or any other pilates & yoga moves!
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