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4 Wellness Products I’m Adding To My Routine In 2021


I’ve always been a fan of making sure I’m keeping up with my daily wellness routine, whether it includes a daily multivitamin or green juice, and I definitely want to keep up the momentum going into the new year! There are so many different wellness products out there. Lately, it’s tough to find the ones that really do their job well and WORK! Since I don’t love taking a ton of different vitamins or supplements, I try to find other things like a green juice or a good multivitamin to work into my daily routine. 

If you’re in the same headspace and are planning on creating a wellness routine you can stick to, I decided to compile a list of the 4 products I’m working into my routine this year! These range from green juice options to the best multivitamin I’ve tried so far. Keep scrolling for the products I feel are worth adding to your daily routine to keep you feeling your best all year round!

Athletic Greens
As a new mom, I love the idea of making a habit out of drinking green juice all day long but making it in the mornings is way too much effort right now! Athletic Greens comes as powder and even travel-sized packets, and they taste delicious! Perfect for a mom on the go.
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Ritual For Women
I’ve spoken about how much I love Ritual before, it was my go-to prenatal vitamin during my pregnancy with Sage, and it works so well. Right now, I'm taking their postnatal vitamin and love that it has a minty aftertaste! Highly recommend this one if you’re looking for a vitamin that does it all!
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Vital Proteins Collagen Protein Powder
Collagen powder has become so trendy lately, and I’m so happy I’ve discovered the perfect one without any weird after taste! Vital Proteins is amazing, and their collagen protein powder is great for adding to your morning drink, whether it's a smoothie, tea, etc. It doesn’t have a taste, which makes it so easy to add to your daily routine!
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De-Puffing Ice Roller
As a new mama, skin puffiness in the mornings is inevitable. One way I’m going to combat that this year is using an ice roller in the mornings or before bed! I’ve tried this before, but I’m going to *hopefully* make it more of a routine, so I don’t have to worry about a puffy face every morning thanks to no sleep!
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One thought on “4 Wellness Products I’m Adding To My Routine In 2021

  1. I am loving Ritual! I am taking the 50+ Just finished my first month! I just order vitamins for my husband. I am excited to see what he thinks about them.

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