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5 Loungewear Brands I’ve Been Living In

2020 has been the year of loungewear, especially since I had baby girl! I mean, when you’re barely leaving the house – sweatpants all year round sounds like a dream. So since loungewear is what my wardrobe consists of right now, I knew I had to share some of my favorite brands with all of you! These are my go-to for comfy clothes, and one thing they all have in common is quality. Loungewear is one of those categories you want to LAST, so you aren’t trying to replace things constantly! Every girl needs a go-to pair of sweats, and these are tried and true. 

You’ll probably notice one common theme with all things shopping-related, I’m a huge fan of neutrals. They match with everything and create such a serene and calm vibe. The same goes for loungewear! Greys, beiges, whites, and maybe the occasional splash of color is my color palette of choice! Keep scrolling for all my favorite loungewear brands you need to shop right now!


#1 PJ Salvage


#3 Alo

#4 Zella

#5 Honeydew 

xo, Lindsay
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