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Airport Staples

Traveling with Sage has changed what I bring with me in my carry-on a ton since I now have to bring everything that I need for the both of us! Since we’ve been flying back and forth to LA for such quick trips, I’ve tried to keep packing to a minimum and only bring one tote and one carry-on. Packing for Sage has changed so much now that she’s almost 1. What I used to bring when she was a newborn is different now, so I thought I would write an updated blog post on my airport staples. 

  1. A carry-on bag for me & Sagey. Besides my own personal bag with Sage’s stuff (I love my MZ Wallace Tote), I will typically also bring a rolling carry-on bag on the flight with me. My favorite rolling carry-on luggage is from Away. Make sure also to get their packing cubes!! They are the biggest help – especially when you’re sharing a suitcase. 
  2. Toys are a must! I typically bring a few that can keep Sage entertained when she is awake on the plane and not sleeping. These days she’s playing with bigger toys, so I try to choose some smaller ones to put in my bag. Sage’s favorites are these stackable cars and this animal puzzle. Both are great because they make no noise!
  3. I obviously always bring the staples with me, too, like diapers and wipes, and I also use the wipes to wipe everything down. My current favorites are the Honest Co. wipes, and I keep them in this little pouch along with extra cleaning supplies, including masks, hand sanitizer, and more. 
  4. Another must-have is Sage’s Doona stroller and car seat. I often walk Sage through the airport in this and then tag it right before boarding! This makes things super easy when getting on and off the plane! That way, I can put her right in there and walk through without any problems!


xo, Lindsay
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