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TikTok Made Me Do It: Foodie Edition

So much of my “For-You-Page” has been filled with the most delicious food. Every time I scroll on TikTok, I pass recipes that I am drooling over, so I had to try some of the ones I’ve seen over the last few months. 

Emily Mariko’s Salmon & Rice: TikTok made me try this trend. It has been all over my explore page, and I caved and decided I needed to hop on the trend, too. You take salmon and mash it up, and add rice, mayo, and sriracha. You then slice avocado and use dried seaweed to wrap everything together. I have to admit, I get the hype around this trend, and it was soo good! Learn how to make it here.

Feta Pasta: I know this is an older trend, but I’ve made it before and had to remake it again. It is so simple to make! You just add a block of feta, tomatoes, and some spices into an oven-safe dish. You bake it and add your pre-prepared pasta and mix them all together. This is such an easy meal to make – so perfect if you’re on the go. Make this for your husband, and he will be obsessed! Learn how to make it here.

Pesto Eggs: I honestly never would have thought to cook my eggs in pesto, but WOW I was pleasantly surprised. Essentially, you just put some pesto in your pan and fry your egg directly in the pesto. I am so hooked. They are delicious with a buttered piece of toast, too. Learn how to make it here

What are some of your favorite recipes you found on TikTok? Tell me in the comments below!

xo, Lindsay
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