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My Favorite Workout Warmup Everyone Needs To Try

Before I film or do any Move With Linds workout, I ALWAYS do a warm-up. People often skip this step in their workout and jump right into their movements, but it’s extremely important to warm your muscles to prevent injury. I know most of us don’t have a lot of time, but warming up can actually help you perform better in your workout. When you warm-up, your blood temperature rises, increasing blood flow to your muscles. This looses up your joints and tendons and prepares them for intense movement.

  1. Pre-workout: My go-to warmup actually starts in the kitchen. Before I do my workout, I use Vital Protein’s Pre-workout powder. I normally stay away from pre-workouts because they make me jittery, but this one doesn’t affect me. It contains collagen, which supports your muscles, and three types of nitric oxide producers that increase blood flow.
  2. Muscle Gun & Foam Roll: After my pre-workout, I love to foam roll for a few minutes. I’m typically sore from my workout the day before, so this can relieve muscle tightness, reduce inflammation and increase your joint range of motion. If I don’t foam roll, I use my Theragun. This also works to activate your muscles and increase your range of motion. It feels sooooo good, especially after a tough workout.
  3. Slow Movement: My last step in my warmup routine is a quick series. I like to get my heart rate up, so I run through these 4 movements 3 times for 30 seconds each. It’s quick, but it will get your heart rate pumping and blood flowing. After this, you’ll be ready to crush your workout!
    1. Jumping Jacks
    2. Air Squats
    3. Donkey Kicks (each side)
    4. Plank to downward dog

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