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New Year Goals

New year’s resolutions and goals can be so cliche, but it isn’t a bad idea to use the start of a new year to reset and reevaluate. Today I wanted to share my new year’s resolutions and goals (mainly the ones that are related to health and wellness!). 


I ALWAYS need a reminder to drink water. It has never been something that I have been good at, so I am making it a key focus of 2022. Water is one of the only things that I drink, so I want to try to make a better effort. Drinking water and staying hydrated can help with so many different things, from your skin to digestion to many other things. In 2022, I plan to keep my water with me at all times.


Try two new recipes per month

I really enjoy cooking for my family. As we enter 2022, I would love to try some new recipes that stray away from our favorites. I can often get into a rut when cooking, so switching it up will be helpful. Pay attention to my IG stories — I love to share what I’m cooking there! It’s also so good to try new things, and I can’t wait to share some of my favorites with you all as we enter into the new year.


Clean out my closet and beauty products

Over the years, I’ve gathered a huge collection of clothes and beauty products. I’d love to start the new year with a new closet and bathroom that holds my favorite items that I constantly go back to. We all have things that we could donate or even toss if they’re expired (I always forget that beauty products have expiration dates!). The new year is the perfect time to make sure my closet holds what I continue to go back to. 


These are just a few of my new year goals – I’d love to hear yours too! I am SO grateful for all of you and can’t wait to see where 2022 takes us! Here’s to a very happy and healthy 2022.

xo, Lindsay
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